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THEN: Founded in 1980, when interest rates were spiraling upward, Equipment Funding Ltd. found American business looking for new ways to obtain needed equipment while conserving their bank lines. Money was tight, asset acquisition need high. By forging relationships with various lenders, EFL was able to provide the much needed capital. The client was a Mom and Pop or a Fortune 100 company. The request ranged from $800 for an ice machine or $1M for a aircraft. They were referred by banks, CPA's, attorneys, vendors and other clients. All were
handled with courteous efficient service.

Products Offered:

APPLICATION ONLY TRANSACTIONS - requires a one page application for requests up to $75,000. Requires business in operation for 2 years.

FULL FINANCIAL PACKAGE TRANSACTIONS- on larger request, or to obtain a more preferred payment. Requires 3 years financial statements, tax returns for 3 years plus the required application

SOFTWARE ONLY TRANSACTIONS - for well established businesses a short application up to $75,000. Larger transactions may require a full financial package.

SEASONAL TRANSACTIONS - requested at application, for seasonal adjustment of cash flow.

90 DAY CONTACT PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS - creates a cash flow cushion while equipment is placed into full service.

EMERGING BUSINESS TRANSACTION - Businesses are considered under this program with a complete financial package and history and resume.

NOW: Equipment Funding Ltd. is still doing equipment financing. It has seen changes in the finance arena: elimination of investment tax credit(ITC), additions to alternative minimum tax(AMT), changes in depreciation schedules for equipment and emphasis on automation and computer assisted equipment. Interest rates are steady, equipment cost are high. The need for equipment acuisition capital is still great. We are still seeing the same range of clients from various referrals. We are still able to provide the financing required, for the start up and for the established company. Each request is treated with confidentiality and enthusiasm We want the best for the client.


Disregards Time of Money
Depletes Cash Reserves
Negative impact on Balance Sheet
Reduces Cash Asset Position
May impair future borrowing

Reduces available credit line
Extensive documentation
Extecnsive monthly reporting
Often requires additional collateral
Often requires a down payment
Negative impact on Balance Sheet
Bank loans can be cancelled by lender at any time
Not flexible

Simple Application
Frees capital, leaves credit line for emergencies
Potential Tax Advantage
Fixed Payments
No down payment
No additional collateral
Easier budgeting
Match term to useful life of equipment

Equipment can be financed with a equipment lease or a equipment finance agreement(EFA). The equipment lease may have tax benefits not in the EFA. The term of either contract vary from 1 to 10 years. Determination is based on the equipment, credit and dollar size of request.

Care is placed into selecting the right equipment. Care should also be given when selecting the right financing partner and financing for the equipment. You want the same qualities in your partner as your equipment, Dependable, good integrity, responsive and good value.

Equipment Funding Ltd provides solutions to your finance needs We can provide 100% financing. provide prompt courteous service and pay your vendor promptly. We are here for the relationship. We want your continued business and referrals.